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Star Music set to disrupt the industry with their innovative music distribution solutions - Star Music

Star Music set to disrupt the industry with their innovative music distribution solutions

Leading music publishing company, Star Music, continues to revolutionize the music industry by helping artists and labels reach new heights with their global distribution solutions

Star Music is fast becoming one of the most sought-after music distribution solutions providers, thanks to their innovative solutions designed to help the different stakeholders reach their target audience worldwide. Described by some as the “Best Music Distribution Company of the Year,” Star Music offers a range of solutions that allows the different players in the industry to sell their music through leading international digital retailers.

The entertainment industry remains highly competitive and dynamic, even as stakeholders contribute their quota to meet the diverse needs of fans worldwide. The music industry can be challenging and interesting for all players in the market, including artists, labels, and even distribution companies. History has revealed that becoming a star requires more than making banging songs, as the ability to reach as many listeners as possible actually makes or breaks a music artist. However, the advent of digital media has seemingly eased the process of reaching the target audience in terms of effectiveness and cost. Unfortunately, tons of musicians are yet to leverage the features and benefits of digital distribution to take their careers to a new level. This is where the team at Star Music has been making a difference with their “out the world” distribution service.

The music publishing company works with some of the biggest names in the distribution business, bridging the gap between rights owners/labels and digital retailers while offering non-exclusive deals to musicians and labels who retain full rights of their works.

The digital music distributor aims to help independent artists maximize their music career’s exposure and revenue, collaborating with over 30 digital platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. Star Music offers custom-made solutions, providing unlimited distribution to thousands of artists worldwide and allowing them to keep up to 75% of profits.

Star Music has continued to receive accolades from different quarters, thanks to their unique combination of quality, comprehensiveness, and relative affordability.

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About Star Music

Star Music is a music management platform and monetization service that covers every rightsholder’s needs. The music publisher offers bands, musicians, artists, record labels, and DJs the ability to sell their music through the major international digital retailers.


Media Contact

Company name: Star Music

Sopheak So
Address: St.101, House 25B, Svay Park,

Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, 12109, Cambodia
+855 87972156

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